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Michael James here.
I am wondering about the
choice/difference between the Mark VI,
The Martin and New Wonder II
and Transitional 12M baritones.
Of all the 4 above, which do You feel has the absolute most
rounded full bassey sound and can also handle the high notes flawlessly? I'm interested in a low b model. What year of the make that You suggest is the best to go with and is there a finish that is preferred? With the make/model
that You suggest, are there
any finer points to be wary
of or suggestions, things to watch out for when purchasing?
With much thanks,

Hi Michael - it seems like you are already pretty well informed about bari saxes.  Before I go any further I must tell you I am a Selmer fan and if given the choice I would choose it 98 out of 100 times.  I'm also a big believer in the theory that your mouthpiece/reed set up dictates MOST of how you'll you'll sound and you're going to sound pretty much that way regardless of the horn you play.

That being said - I have played only a handful of bari's but have always liked the Selmer Mark VI - (the earlier the year the better) though it can be a little cumbersome compared to some other more recently made horns. I am not familiar with a low b model?  You may have meant low Bb?  (which is standard). There are also Low A models which I always felt were sort of a 'novelty' though that one note might come in handy if you play in an R & B band!  

Finish is completely up to you and generally doesn't effect the tone - I'm a purist, so give me the stock gold lacquer.  I hope some of this helps!


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