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saxophone sonata
saxophone sonata  
I have a brand sonata alto saxophone, made ​​in East Germany, I searched information, but did not find anything, I would appreciate any information, serial number 76970


Are you sure this is a Sonata, or is it a Sonora? I've never heard of Sonata and I'm having a difficult time finding anything about the name. However Sonara was a brand made in East Germany until they wall came down in 1991. I have seen a few of those.

The difficult thing with East German instruments is the factories in East Germany prior to the division of the country were nationalized in to the communist system and then were subject to the conditions placed on them by the government. The raw materials they were provided with were often sub-standard and there was very little incentive to improve on the designs or make a better instrument. So they just kept making the same thing year in and year out, and getting worse and worse in the process as the tooling would wear out and quality control suffered.

I've seen quite a few instruments (clarinets, flutes, trumpets, saxophones, etc) made in East Germany and I've never been happy with them. I've been told that every now and then someone will find a great instrument from that time, but those seem to be few and far between.

If it plays well and you enjoy it then make some great music with it. I doubt you are going to get much out of it if you want to resale it. If you do get an offer, take it.  

I'm sorry I cant be of more help.  


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