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Hello - My brother recently bought me a soprano sax for Christmas, but I have no experience in the instrument, and was looking to sell it. I don't know much about it, just that it's black nickel plated, with gold and pearl knobs. It has the words "The Woodwind" and "South Bend, Indiana" Engraved on it, as well as a fancy floral design close to the top of the horn. I was wondering if you could help me figure out what price range these generally go for, or if you have any more details on it? I can supply a pic if you'd like. Thanks!


A soprano as a gift, very nice but do you play saxophone or just not soprano?

The Woodwind brand is owned and distributed by the Woodwind Brasswind Company. The Woodwind Brasswind is owned by Music & Arts, who is owned by Guitar Center, who is owned by Bain Capital. Funny mixed up world we live in.

This brand is a Chinese made mass produced instrument. They are usually sold on-line directly from warehouses. I've never seen this brand in any store. The main selling point for these types of instruments is not the quality of the instrument but rather the selection of colors and finishes being offered. That would be similar to buying a VW Beetle instead of a Corvette because you like the color better. I've gotten my hands on a few of these for repair and I've never been impressed with them.

That being said, they are not considered to be of the highest quality and sell for a relatively inexpensive price. I belive new, no more that $600, maybe less. An aspiring saxophonist in middle or high school may like one to get them started on soprano if they can get it cheep. I would advertise it to the local schools. Do a web search for the band directors in your local schools system and shoot them an E-mail with the details and maybe a few photos. They can let their kids know to contact you. Keep in mind these sell on line fairly cheep. When someone makes you an offer... Take it!

Sorry for the bad news.  


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