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Saxophone/Selmer USA Tenor Sax Value


I have a selmer usa tenor sax serial no 1197528.  Great condition 2-3 pads need replaced and body has 2-3 scratches.  How do I identify model number and what is a good asking value.

It's tough to tell without a picture (and even then it can be difficult).  This is most likely one of the basic student or step up level Selmer USA horns. You might try doing a search on e-bay for similar horns in similar condition - I just did a quick basic search there and found a wide variety of prices and models - at least it will give you some sort of direction and idea.

You might also take the horn to a local shop where they can do a hands on appraisal. This is probably the best thing to do as they can also tell you what needs to be fixed and what that potential cost may be. Good luck - I'm sorry I couldn't be more specific.  


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