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Hello Sr. I have a Alto King cleveland 613 saxofon.
Color: gold  
Serial # 243796

I need the aprox. Price.

Mr. Torres

The Cleveland line was King's student horns. Unfortunantly the value of these instruments is not very high. The 613 was designed for the beginner market and was a fairly good horn for it's time. However compared to the pro lines King was making at the time the 613 left much to be desired. The good thing about these is they could can a beating and still play. Great feature if your putting it in the hands of a child.

As far as value, that would depend on the finish, condition of pads, any necessary repairs. The best I could estimate without seeing it would be $200 to $400 if it was in really prime condition. However if it needed repairs that would detract from the value by the cost of the repair.

Hope this helps
Charles Harris  


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