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We have come across an Alto Sax, silver, says on it 1914. It has an Indian head engraved on it. It says Elkhart Indiana Band Instrument, Elkhart Ind. on it. Is it worth anything?

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This is an old Martin Indiana horn. 1914 is not a manufacture date, it is a patent date.  It probably isn't silver but plated nickle - a reputable shop owner will verify that for you.  These horns are not all particularly valuable, however, some in good condition can bring as much as $500 or $700.  The value will be determined by its playing condition and the condition of the finish.  So in short, if it is a family heirloom - keep it in the family and enjoy it!  Don't try to clean the finish with anything but a damp cloth :)  If you can send a picture I might be able to more specifically value and identify it.  


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