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Saxophone/Interest in Purchasing Intermediate Tenor or Alto Saxophone


Hi Eugene

I'm interested in purchasing an intermediate new/used alto or tenor saxophone. Can you recommend the best approach in finding one? I've budgeted about $600.00 towards this purchase.

Remember that tenor saxes tend to be more expensive - so you may get more for your money if purchase an alto.  There are many, many saxophones on sites like e-bay and you can really get some good deals IF you keep in mind the following things:

1. Stick with a name brand (Yamaha, Selmer, Keilwerth, Yanagisawa)
2. Make sure the horn is in good 'playing' condition
3. It's best to ask for a grace period where you can get your horn thoroughly checked out

If you decide to purchase your horn locally, try to find a shop that has a good selection.  There are even rent-to-own options in many shops.  Summer is a good time to look for deals as kids are turning in their school rental horns.  There are good bargains to be gotten if you stick to name brands - most notably Yamaha #23 or the any of the #800 series horns.

If you get REALLY lucky you might find an old Selmer Mark VI, but like a rare baseball card, they are tough to come by and if the owner knows what they have, it will set you back far more than $600!

Good luck!


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