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would like to know how much its worth today. bought in 1972 and played it to january 1980. it was made in france.   no. on bell 43797  eng.pat no. 11.824  other marking interested in selling will appreciate any information you can give me.

Dale - Thanks for being patient - I just returned form the long memorial weekend.

I would really like (and need) to see a picture of this horn.  Was it new in 1972? I somehow think not.  If you can't send a picture the next best way to get an appraisal is by someone who can give your horn a hands on LOOK (and maybe play).

As you probably know, Selmer horns (Mark VI in particular) are top of the heap depending on playing condition, all original parts, and the quality of the lacquer/finish. Without seeing the horn I couldn't even guess it's value - not even a ballpark.

I hope you'll send along a picture!  But please don't 'give' the horn away until you know exactly what you have!  


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