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First, pardon my ignorance, because I don't know if this silver one-piece instument is a soprano sax or a clarinet. I am not musically inclined.  Nevertheless, my husband wants to buy it since he can play either (sort of), but agreed to wait until it could be researched and a value range placed on the instrument and mouthpiece.  It has "Pedler American Elkhart Ind" on the instrument with serial # 34261
The mouthpiece has "France" engraved on the reed holder and "Mitchell Lerue" and "Springboard" all engraved on reed holder.  The case is really old and battered.  That's about all that Iknow, so any information would be helpful.  Thanks a lot!


What you have is a metal clarinet. I'm a bit concerned as you said it was a one piece body. a Metal clarinet should have a detachable barrel in which the mouthpiece is inserted. It could be missing. Henry Pedler made some fantastic metal clarinets in his day, but he sold the company to Martin who used the Pedler name to manufacture very cheep and inferior student quality clarinets. In the days before plastics and other polymers were available, the wood clarinets were saved for the the pro market and the metal were sold to kids. In the 1950's the introduction of plastics created a much better and more dependable instrument and these replaced the metal clarinets.

If you could send me some photos I would like to see them if there is any engraving on the bell I would like to see that as well. I may be able to give you more information at that point.

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