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Cleaning out my parents house  I found a saxophone.  I remember my mom saying she played it in high School.   she was born in 1925.

The case says   "Buescher"   

engraved on the instrustment is  
"Made by  C G CONN   Elkhart, IND    Exchanged for new Buescher   Elkhart Ind   2831

So I can't seem to find what Exchanged for means....  I am wondering how old it is and what it could be worth.  I have photos I can send to your email.   I can't tell if it is brass or silver.  Insides looks brass like, but outside looks silver.     I went to  C G Gonn web sight and put in   CG Gonn and  2831 and comes up saying   WOnder Improved  Years 1898- 1899.   I need expert advice on this.   Thanks!  Kim


I think I know what you might have but I would need to see a few pictures of the horn including the engraving as the information you have from the Conn site may be in error.

Gus Buescher worked for Conn in the 1880's and designed Conn's first saxophones which are now known as the Worcester models as they were produced in both Elkhart Indiana and Worcester Massachusetts. In 1888's Mr. Buescher left Conn and started the Buescher instrument company and was Conn's major competitor until the 1960's. After Mr. Buescher's departure, Conn introduced the Wonder, the Wonder Improved and then the New Wonder. The problem is in 1910, Conn's factory burned to the ground and almost all records were lost. Therefore the info you have is most likely an educated guess by Conn/Selmer. However I've never heard of a Conn horn engraved "Exchanged for" and have the Buescher name on it. This may be a one off instrument or was some type of deal between Mr. Conn and Mr. Buescher. I would really like to see this and get my hands on it if I could. Also are their any other markings on the horn? A serial number is usually stamped on the back under the thumb hook and not on the bell. If a number is there that would clear up some of the mystery.

I'm sorry I cant give you more detail, but I suspect this sax may be a one of a kind. Please, please, please send some photos to my e-mail.

I would like to see details of the engraving, any other markings no matter how insignificant they may seem. Also the key work for both the right and left hands as well as the pinky keys (This is very important). I need to see the design of the octave key or keys as they are operated by the left thumb.

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