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Saxophone/Selmer-Bundy Alto Serial #535,XXX Value?



When I started playing saxophone many years ago I got a Selmer Bundy alto through my family attic.  Right now I am looking to sell it to help finance my newer Series II and I was wondering what value I could place on it when I am looking at offers.  The horn is in great condition with very little solder work and the original neck.  Any ideas?




The saxophone you have is what we refer to today as the Bundy 1. This was designed for the student market and Selmer made 100,000's of this model. These original Bundy saxophones were based on the Buescher Aristocrat series which Selmer U.S.A. bought in the mid 1960's. The saxophone you have was made around 1970-72. Selmer USA redesigned the instrument around 1979-80 and that became the Bundy II.

The difficult thing about appraising these instruments is the value is not very high. If your hoping to use it as a trade in on a Series II, I would recommend you sell it instead on Ebay, craigslist, etc and apply the money to the Series II. The trade in value would be very little. I'm going to tell you a little secret about the music business. When you buy the Series II, the store may be willing to give you a small discount for your Bundy, however they are still making a profit on the amount of money you are giving them. Then they would sell your horn and net 100% profit.

The value of your horn depending on condition and playability would be about $200 to $450 for an alto and $250 to $500 for a tenor. If you want to trade it, you can expect no more than about 30% to 50% of the horns value depending on the store and the horns condition.

I wish I had better news and good luck with the Series II.

Charles Harris


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