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I have seen lots of post about Wurlitzer saxophones, but have not found anything that is like mine really. I have a beautiful sax the engraving says Wualitzer American USA and has the signature Rudolph Wurlitzer. Which is very common I am finding but where mine differs is it says Low Pitch A and the serial number is 2197. which seems to be a very low number compared to others I am finding. What can you tell me about it?

Shanna - Low Pitch A is now considered 'standard' tuning but much was made of it during the 1920's + 30s.
Your horn is most likely made by Buescher or Martin and stamped or "stenciled" with the Wurlitzer name to capitalize on the saxophone craze in the jazz era. These were then sold in shops that also sold other 'Wurlitzer' products like pianos and organs for example.

As far as dating your horn it's difficult because accurate records were not (often) typically kept by the manufacturers for horns that were stenciled.

Valuing your horn is tricky without seeing it. Believe it or not, most of these can be gotten very cheaply on sites like e-bay - some as little as $50 and others maybe as much as $300. It depends mostly on the condition of the finish and original lacquer OR any provenance that might go along with the horn.

I'm sorry I could not be of more help!  If you send a picture or 2 (especially of any etchings and or markings) I may be able to give more detailed information.


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