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Saxophone/Conn Pan Americam Alto Sax


QUESTION: I am looking for what style alto this is IE 6M,48M alto and year made as close as possible.
I have inclosed serial information and can send pictures if it will help.

Say on sax as follows

Pate Date sept 14 1915


ANSWER: The most unique thing about your marking is the "P" preceding the serial number. Most people think this means 'Pan American' but that's not true.  The "P" simply was a designation used by Conn to label the horn as a 'stencil' and that the horn might include parts from several models. This could include horns assembled essentially from parts leftover from old tooling and manufacturing processes.

My best guesstimate is that it's a 6M but I might be able to better tell with pictures. Take a look at the octave key mechanism and check to see if the tone holes are rounded (rolled). These are traits that can help narrow down the mystery!

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QUESTION: Hello thank you for your input I sent you some pictures of the saxophone I have checked and it isn't rolled tone holes I wish it has them.
I just can't put a year on the saxophone I know it is a vintage horn which I love to play and is why I bought this saxophone.
I plan on doing a rebuild new pads,springs.corks,felt and see what the horn is made of you see I bought it for playing not resell it is my understanding that while the pan americans are not a high dollar saxophone they do play wonderful oh I hope for that old vintage conn sound and the little sax can kick blues and jazz would be so sweet.
Check the pictures I send in the reply e-mail I sent you and please get back with me!

Michelle - there were no pictures attached here? Saxophones are funny things and sometimes it's VERY hard to pin down an exact date of manufacture. In the long run, it doesn't really matter does it? You love it and THAT'S what matters!  If you are concerned about value, I promise it's more valuable to you than to almost anyone else at this point in time.

Are you doing the rebuild yourself??  

Also, I'd love for you to check out the online jazz books at - it's  a great program that helps you learn the ins and outs of improvisation. Feel free to try and re-send the pics and I will do my best to give you a manufactured date!


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