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i found a conn saxaphone with mother of pearl keys and engraving on it also. the serial number on it is 2834, but has no mouth piece. its in good condition and was wondering if its worth anything.


Thanks for the question. If the serial number you gave me is correct, than you have a Conn "Worchester". This was the first sax produced by the Conn Company in the final years of the 19th century. (1885-1895). It was designed by Gus Buescher and based on Adolphe Sax's original design. Eventually Buescher would leave Conn and opened his own company to compete against them. However I would need to see some photos to know for sure. If this sax has 2 octave keys, (operated by the left thumb) then it's indeed a Worchester. If not then it's a different model and the serial number you gave me is incomplete.

These old Conn saxophones are very rare which makes placing a value on them difficult as they just don't show up very often. Also remember just because something is old and rare does not make it more valuable. That's determined by the market and that's the problem. The market for these is limited. You will have to find a collector or someone who is more interested in having this and maybe restoring it than playing it. Not having a mouthpiece does not diminish its value as most players will have a mouthpiece they prefer to use. Even today pretty much all players will replace the stock mouthpiece with something better and the originals get thrown away or traded. However with a 19th century instrument, a player would have to use a compatible mouthpiece or find a mouthpiece that was manufactured in the early years of the 20th century to use with it. This would not be a major problem.

If you could send me a few detailed photos of the horn specifically showing the octave keys and any engraving on the horn that would be fantastic. You can send them directly to my E-mail at

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