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QUESTION: Hi i have a alto sax: PATD DEC 3 1914 1119954 PAT.APP'D FOR A M261962A L engraved under the thumb rest. It was used till recently by my grandpa. Can you please tell me it's worth and where I can sell it? It has minor ware from playin. thanx

ANSWER: Hi Charlie,

Your sax was made in 1934. Unless it is in pristine condition, I have seen these go for $200-400. Most were satin silver with bright silver keys, though some were lacquered and very few were gold plated. If it were to have a top quality mechanical rebuild it would bring closer to $1000.00. When set up correctly these horns are the bomb diggity! EBay or Craigslist would get the largest reach for a new home. I hope this helps.

Have a blessed day!

Jeff "Doc" Frazier
Owner - J and J Woodwinds

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thanks for the info. I've send pics to another expert and he said I could get $1500-$2200 for it. check out

Hi Charlie,

Like I stated in my first reply,  "if it was in pristine condition", that would be a great price for it.  My response was based on no pictures.  After seeing the pics provided for the other "expert" this instrument definitly is not pristine condition. We deal with vintage horns every day and actually have some pridtine examples of this very model on our website. Take a look to see the difference. The other expert was being very generous about the amount of silver remaining. A lot of silver has been worn through to the brass and what is left is very thin. From what I can see, this particular example had a satin silver finish from that factory.  Unfortunately, much of the of the satin has been worn smooth. In order to get the $2200.00 USD price it will have to completely restored. Sadly, it will cost almost that much to restore it.

Jeff "Doc" Frazier
owner - J and J Woodwinds


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