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I used to have in my band program a Selmer Bundy Baritone Saxophone ser. # 639777.  It was lost by a student and I'm tasked with finding a replacement value on the sax.  I wasn't with the schools band program when it was initially purchased and I did have some significant repair (straightening posts and bent rods, replacement pads, dents) before the student took it home.  It hadn't been played by very many students because I am working in a middle school and the bari is almost as big as the student.  If I could even figure out the manuf. date that would help me know where to start. Thanks.



Your timing was perfect as I was at my computer when your message came in.

The Bundy Bari saxophones were built like a tank. They will last for years as they were designed for students. The keys on this horn were much closer together to accommodate a smaller hand. Also they were designed to be placed in a specially built stand so a young student could use it without a strap. The result of these modifications makes them very uncomfortable for an adult to play, but for a kid, it's exactly what you need in the environment you are working in.

As far as it's manufacture date, it's going to be much older than you might think. That serial number places it's manufacture in 1975 plus or minus 2 years. So mid 1970's would be the best guess. In 1996 Selmer dropped the Bundy name but continued to manufacture these under the Selmer name. Same exact instrument different stamp. Then in the late 1990's and early 2000's Selmer began moving all their production over sees and discontinued the production of this model. To the best of my knowledge, there are no companies who currently manufacture a "student" level bari sax. The closest is going to be Yamaha YBS-52 which is an intermediate level bari. The current retail on these is going to be around $5000 to $5500. You may be able to find some other makes that are coming out of the orient. One of the brands I'm very fond of is Chateau. I own and play one of their bari saxophones and I'm very happy with it. They sell for between $3000 to $4500.  

As far as the value on that particular bari they can sell for between $500 to about $1500 all depending on condition. However if I was you, I would try to replace it with a new and much better model. This may be the situation that will justify doing so.

If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to ask. You can e-mail me directly at

Thanks and I hope this helps.

Charles Harris.  


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