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I have a Selmer mark V1  Ser.# M59116  It was the first year for this horn, Could you give me a value?  Horn is in Great shape!  Thanks  Richard

Well Richard, congratulations - you hit the jackpot!  In fact I recently wrote a blog about this very horn (I will add the url at the end). The value will largely depend on the condition of the lacquer and original parts - so hopefully those are all in place. Since I cannot see or play the horn, the easiest way to 'guestimate' value is by giving you the extremes - keep in mind the market is low right now:

On the bottom end if the horn is dented scratched or has been refinished it could still be worth about $4,000

On the higher end, if the lacquer is unscathed and pretty much like new, with no scratches or dent, and all original parts in could be valued at as much as $12,000.

Here is a link to my blog about the Selmer VI:  


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