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I have a Belmone metal alto mouthpiece, and can find nothing on the internet about kicks me to Belmonte. Do you have any knowledge of Belmone Co. I did find one trumpet mouthpiece by Belmone on ebay. Thanks  Ted


Unfortunately like you I've never heard of Belmone. I get the same results when doing a Google and Ebay search. Even on Ebay, I did not find a Belmone trumpet mouthpiece. If you have the link to that page, I would like to see it. However, there may be a couple of things going on here.

Belmonte is a long established manufacture of saxophone and trumpet mouthpieces. As such the name is well known. Lately there have been some unscrupulous manufactures coming out of China who create a brand that is spelled just slightly different than an established brand. Examples being brands like Rolex as Rolexa, Chanel as Channel, Prada as Prado they have recently started to do the same with music instruments. I've seen trumpets labeled as Selner, not Selmer, MyBach not Bach. Even more blatant there are now factories actually copying (counterfeiting) the label and logo from Selmer and Yamaha. And then selling grossly inferior instruments at a highly inflated price. This maybe what is happening here as Belmone is only one letter off of Belmonte.

A second possibility is that the name is just hard to read. If it's a metal mouthpiece than the T could have been engraved or stamped very lightly making it appear not to be there.

If I could see some photos of this I might be able to tell you more. You can send them to the email address below.

Charles Harris.  


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