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Saxophone/Buescher Alto Sax circa 1919


After my mother passed away, my family gave me her Buescher Alto Sax. It's still in its original Buescher hard case and it's in good condition. There is no corrosion or discoloring of this beautiful pink gold finish on it. It says its a True Tone Low Pitch serial number 57838. One thing I noticed about this particular saxaphone is the etching on the front says BUESCHER and underneath it says EEKHART, IND. It looks like a mismarked sax. I thought it would say "ELKHART, IND". Would this saxaphone still have some value? I know it can be played again. Thank you, Richard

Interesting - the etching should indeed have an "L" but it's hard to say without seeing it if it is mis-stamped or simply scratched.  Either way it shouldn't effect the value.  

You did a nice job of dating the horn provided you have read the serial numbers correctly!  Unfortunately, the horn pre-dates its practical use for today's players. The mechanisms are simply outdated. You might find a collector who is looking to add this particular horn to his stable...but that's like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  These horns are plentiful but if yours has the original lacquer (and the pink-gold finish) in tact that certainly adds to its value.

If you can find such a person, this might bring between $500 and maybe as much as $700. There are a few good specimens on e-bay at the moment, lots of views, but no takers. It might be best to just keep it as a nice memory of your mom and curio for the den.

As a side note - it might be fun to contact the Buescher Company (now part of Selmer-Conn)and send them a picture and a description just to see if they can give you more info on why and IF the horn was indeed mis-marked. Here is a link to their contact page:

Hope this helps!  


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