Hello, I'm buying a saxophone soon and I have some options to consider. which one do you think is the best option in both tenor and alto?

1. Elkhart by Buescher 21A alto sax (300 usd)
2. Majestic (italy) professional model alto sax (350 usd)

1. Conn Tenor Saxophone 16m (400 usd)
2.  Buescher Tenor Saxophone (400 usd)

Luis - I will need to assume (and we all know how that can go sometimes) that all horns are in good playing condition.  That being the case, here's the scoop:

1. Elkhart - this is a 'beginner' horn and $300 is ALOT to pay unless it is like new. They are solidly made however.

2. Majestic - I generally advise staying away from these horns but I have read some decent reviews of late. Still $350 sounds fairly steep so be sure it will not need any extra work to get it into playing condition.

1. Conn 16M - $400 if in really good playing condition is a decent deal.
2. Buescher - you didn't specify a model here - some are 'better' than others. If equal in playing condition to the Conn I might opt for the Conn.

I know this might not help much. I always tell students to play the horn and forget the 'brand'.  If you like how it feels and sounds then who cares which horn is 'better' supposedly? The bets horn for YOU is what matters!  Good luck  


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