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I have a Selmer Bundy II, SN 911415, that I would like to sell, but I have no idea what a fair price would be for it. I played alto for 20+ years, but I was not a professional. The only damage I can see is one small dent (very swallow), one pad that needs to be replaced, and the laquer finish has scratches from laying on its side. The neck piece is a little more scratched, but does not have any dents. What do you think is a fair price for it?


The Bundy II was produced by the Selmer U.S.A. company from the early 1980's until around 1996. They produced around 35,000 to 50,000 of these a year, so that means about half a million are out there. This is the most mass produced saxophone on the market. The Bundy II is a student horn and designed to take a beating. This is why so many are still around, compared to the Chinese made instruments that tend to only last about 3 or 4 years before being retired.

Being it's such a common instrument and made for the student market the resale value on these is not very high. The most one in mint condition will sell for is around $600. However yours is not in mint or new condition so between $250 to $400 would be an acceptable range. You may want to talk to a local music store and see if they are interested in buying it or placing it on consignment.

I hope this helps.

Charles Harris  


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