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QUESTION: We are interested in purchasing a tenor sax for our daughter, so have been looking.  we recently found one advertised in our area.  It is a Selmer USA (R) serial number #822629. I have spent hours searching and cannot figure out what model it is so that I can get some information (good or bad) about this horn.  Any ideas?

ANSWER: Sorry for the delay - This is probably a TS200 model - considered a 'step up' horn for advanced students. It probably has the adjustable thumb rest and the high F# key? If I could see a picture I might be able to eliminate my other guess of TS100.

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QUESTION: Thanks.  I am waiting for pictures from the seller and will send them when I get them.  Do you have any feedback in regards to these horns (TS200 or TS100)in regards to quality/performance and as to whether I should even pursue looking at it?  Thanks,

ANSWER: Both horns are decent beginner to intermediate players..I'm not sure of what level your daughter is playing at.   One word of caution about buying a horn online, be sure you arrange to have it looked at by a sax repairman so he can assess the need for repairs (missing corks, bumpers, leaky pads etc.).  Maybe you can let the seller know in advance that you'd like to have a grace period for this to occur.

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QUESTION: Thank you and thanks for the advice.  My daughter has some musical background...piano lessons since grade one, clarinet since grade 6 (although no actual lessons) and started with lessons on tenor sax from a friend in band last year (grade 9) and switched to tenor sax into the band this year.  So I don't know her level either.  :)  Although we did see this sax online, we would be able to actually go see it and check it out personally and have a gentleman friend from church with many years of saxophone playing under his belt (and owner of 11 saxophones) who is going to go with us to check it out. hopefully there is enough knowledge in the group to determine if it is in good condition.  Thanks again....

Perfect!  If the horn is in good playing condition (which your buddy should easily be able to determine) it will be great for your daughter. Just remember to check out the mouthpiece, ligature, and neck strap as well - she'll need all 3 of those things.  And PS - have her subscribe to the dlp Sax Club - it's a free daily fun little saxophone e-mail that I often help to write. Here's the link :) Cheers!


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