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I need some clarification on the proper position of the thumb when playing tenor sax.  I try to adjust the strap, but still the instrument rests on my thumb (and it is heavy).  If the strap is too tight, I can't get the mouthpiece in my mouth.  I am new to the tenor.  I play it sitting down and even though someone said to hold it to one side, I play it best(?) in front of me.  I guess I'm still experimenting with how to hold it.

Joel, Great question. Most tenor players who sit will play to the side and that may help a little, especially if your horn does not have an adjustable thumb rest.

I would suggest trying a new strap. Avoid the the 'stretchy' kind if possible (they may feel good at first but they allow the horn to 'hang' more on the thumb).  Go with either a 'traditional' old style strap OR a shoulder harness type.  I have lots of friends going to this kind as it alleviates lots of pressure on the neck, back and even thumb.

Good luck and keep me posted!



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