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This sax has been in my family for years.  On the front it says "Concertone" with flowers scribed in silver.  On the back are the numbers:
"Paid Sept. 14, 1915"

I am looking for its value.  It is silver but is in very dirty condition.  It hasn't been played in over 50 years.

Any direction you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Thanks for the question. Unfortunately I can only give you some very basic information about this horn without seeing photos of it. The Concertone saxes were made by Martin as stencil instruments. I would say about half of the questions I get concerning makes and models have to do with stencils. If you review some of my old post you will see where I go into much more detail on what this means, but basically it's when a company outsources production to a different factory. It's a win/win for both parties as one company can buy instruments a bit cheaper and the factory can sell more instruments. Stencil instruments often differ from the instruments being made by their parent company as they may have some features not found on the primary models or may be a generation older.

As far as value it's not going to be very much. I would need to see some photos and I would like to see some photos of where the serial number is stamped.  I'm not exactly sure why a horn would be marked "Paid Sept.14, 1915" Many horns from that period were stamped with a patent date of Dec. 8,1914 however Martin never used that patent so this would have to refer to something else. The serial number is 36481 and the L means this is a low pitch instrument therefore it's compatible with modern tuning standards. As far as the "O" are you sure that is not a "C" if it is a "C" it means this sax is a C-melody and therefore worth very little.

If you can send me some photos to my e-mail I can take a look at them and maybe tell you a little more about it.

Charles Harris.  


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