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Hello Mr Cantera, my father passed away in 2009. I am in possession of his Tenor Sax Mark VI serial 93282. It is original lacquer, never has been refinished. I'm sure it needs a tuneup.  Can you provide a range of value please. Thank you for your time.

Cindy - I'm sorry to hear about your dad.  He did however leave you with the Cadillac of Saxophones- here's a blog I wrote about this very subject:


The following check list will determine value:

1. playing condition - you may need to get this to a repair shop to be sure it is in good playing shape.

2. Serial number - the lower the better.  It determines what year the horn was made. They began production in 1954 and used a 5 digit serial number (starting with 55201). In 1963 they moved to a 6 digit number (beginning with 97301) and continued to the end of their run in 1974.

3. Amount of "etching" on the bell - many collectors like more of the flowery etching - less etching doesn't necessarily detract, but more can certainly add value.

4. Lacquer - kudos for it being original... but the condition of the lacquer is also a factor. Many horns get 'pitted' or completely bare of their lacquer in spots.

The market is low right now but without knowing its age, seeing, or playing your horn the conservative range could be somewhere around $2,500 on the lower end to as much as maybe $12,000 + on the higher end.  If you go to e-bay and search 'tenor mark vi' -  you will be able to see a wide range of horns to which you can compare your dads'.  It's a good place to start but keep in mind that these are 'asking' prices, not 'sold' prices.

Other quick factors are original case, accessories, and provenance. Hope this helps!


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