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QUESTION: I have a Selmer Saxaphone, Serial #109107. probably
purchased for my husband in the mid fifties. I am seeking to
determine the value. It is still in the original suitcase with all parts intact.
Thank You

ANSWER: Pat - If the serial number is correct it dates to 1963/64 - a very desirable era for the one of the greatest saxophones ever made.  You need to determine whether it is an alto or tenor but having all the original parts and case certainly helps the value.

For an alto the value will be between $2,500 and perhaps as much as $5,000 depending on condition - mainly of the finish and lacquer

For a tenor it could bring between $3,000 and perhaps as much as $9,000 +


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi and thank you for your response. I believe it is from prior to the 1961 sas he had used it for his band in 1960. The serial number is engraved as 109107.  I remember "Low pitch" being mentioned. Does this change anything and where could I take it to sell?

Pat - The serial numbers can have a + - of as much as 12 to 16 months but I'm wondering if it might be 104... rather than 109...??  Just speculating.

Also, I may have jumped the gun in assuming you have a Selmer Mark VI - you should see markings that say 'Made in France' or include a Paris address.  It's also unusual for a Selmer VI to include the phrase "low pitch".

I would LOVE to see a photo which would really help me to determine exactly what kind of a horn you have, its age and the value much more accurately. I hope you'll send one!


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