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QUESTION: Hi. My husband was given a B&H Sax Oxford Model #595 serial number 00282. It looks really old. I am not sure what year it was made. Any help appreciated

ANSWER: Sheila,

B&H horns are notoriously difficult to date, value (and sometimes even identify - especially without seeing). Oddly enough I found almost no info on a model 595 saxophone and only a few references for a model 595 clarinet. This is not uncommon for B&H instruments however as their history is littered with collaborations with many other manufacturers (sometimes called 'stenciling'). I might be able to at least give you a rough estimate of date made if you send a picture - I'm sorry I could not be of more help!

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QUESTION: Hi will send these images to you.

Sheila - thanks a bunch for sending those pictures along.  This horn was probably made in the 1970' has modern mechanisms and was most likely made by the Amati company under the B&H name.  It looks like you have some paperwork there, you may even find something that says '400 Series' mentioned there (that is my guess).

These horns hold up better than some other 'student' horns of that era, but in truth, it's still a student level instrument made for the booming "school band" market of that era.

These are abundant on sites like e-bay and (depending on playing condition) usually sell for between $200 and maybe as much as $400 max.

Thanks - I hope that helps a little!



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