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Saxophone/Harwood Jenkins sax ENGRAVED with Dedicatory


Hi, I bought last year a Harwood alto Low Pitch by Jenkings Serial No. 65326. I believe this sax has gold shower because of the color. What is really interesting, is the bell engraving that has a dedicatory which says: "Presented to Harry A. Robinson by Father and Mother in recognition to his faithfulness to his school and musical studies" The artwork is beautiful and it seems done by a professional artist. This dedication is surrounded by lots of flower styled engravings. I believe the script letter belongs to an English Calligraphy called CopperPlate.

I have been playing saxophone for about 16 years, and this one plays so beautiful. I really mean it! The sound is so unique. This sax I keep it stored safe at home, because I donīt want to take any risk on this jewel.  

Its condition is really good. The lacquer seems to be at an 98%. It has all its original mother of pearl keys. It has just 2 micro dents. and 3 very minor scratches. For an almost 100yr old instrument, thats is near to Mint. The person who sold me the sax, installed new pads, thats why now days, plays great from top to bottom. All the pieces are original, (except the pads for obvious reasons). The only piece that seems to be repaired is the high F, which has two minor welding points. But other than that is in great shape. I believe the case it comes with it, is also original.

The first thing I tried to do when I bought it, was to find this person called Harry A. Robinson or family, but I had no success.

I uploaded an image of the engraving, due to this page only permits one single photo.

I would be greatfull for any information regarding the value of this saxophone, and any advice in searching for the original owner (or his family).

I am from Monterrey Mexico, a city that is near the border with Texas. I currently teach saxophone at local schools, and have studied a couple of workshops at North Texas University.

Thanks you!


I had to do a bit of research my self before getting back to you on this. The Harwood saxophones were a stencil made by both Buescher and Conn. I've personally have never gotten my hands on a Harwood but it's my understanding there was a "Harwood Professional" that was made by Buescher and just the "Harwood" that was made by Conn. Based on the photo you gave me I really cant tell who made this horn. If you want to send me more photos I should be able to tell you a bit more about it.

What I can tell you based on the little I can see in the photo and what you told me is that it does appear to have a gold leaf inlay. Conn did this on some of their horns. The extra engraving and dedication is a problem. I did a bit of research on Harry Robinson. The only prominent saxophone player I could find with that name lived from 1930 until 2001. Born way to late to receive this horn as a Christmas gift in 1920. So it was a different Harry Robinson.

As far as value, if the horn was not engraved it may be worth from $300 to $1200. All depends on it's condition and if there is real gold on there or not. However due to the dedication and extra engraving it's lost pretty much all of it's resale value. In the repair trade we find things like this every now and then and it's usually a better deal to sell the horn as parts. Unless you were to find Mr. Robinson's family, I don't know anyone who would want to buy this instrument as is.

I'm not saying this is a bad horn and I'm not saying it doesn't play great, it's just not very valuable. Buescher and Conn were Americas top saxophone producers during the early 20th century and made some great horns which are still sought after and valued today. Unfortunately who ever decided to do this to this saxophone pretty much destroyed it's future resale value.  

If you would send me some more photos send them to my e-mail at

Sorry for the bad news.  

Charles H.  


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