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Saxophone/Alto sax purchase for intermediate layer


QUESTION: My son has been playing alto sax in school for 4 years. Been playing same bundy by selmer we rented in fifth grade. Now in high school band. We will finally change stock mouthpiece to a vandoren so I think he will see some improved playing.  We came across a used Yamaha YAS -62 for sale at 1300
It looked like it was kept in good condition my son liked the sound but said he would need to get used to the keys as he is so accustomed to his bundy. Question for you is the Yamaha too much horn for an advanced beginner
the middle school band teacher always commented that mike (ourson)is a very talented young musician but lacked confidence in his ability
We want to encourage his playing but don't want to give him a horn that would be overwhelming to play

ANSWER: Cathy,

Get the YAS-62!... The difficulty your son is having is because he is used to a student level instrument. The 62 is a pro horn and made for an adult. It is much more ergonomic than the Bundy and that is part of the problem. As He becomes more accustom to a modern horn his playing will improve and the Yamaha will feel much more natural. Then if he goes back to the Bundy he will see how the Bundy was making it more difficult for him to play. This will be a short adjustment period of about 2 weeks for him to get used to the new feel of the Yamaha.

However before you buy it, have it checked over by a qualified tech. I know a few great techs in the New York area. I don't know if your in the City or the up state area. However if you go to and do a tech search you should be able to find someone in your area that is qualified to look it over.

I wish you the best of luck and if there is more I can do please contact me.

Charles Harris

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QUESTION: Thanks for the quick response!  I called the shop and asked if they would hold the Yamaha for us for a few days
We live on Long Island insuffolkcounty about a hour from manhattan
Do you know a tech nearby. What do they charge to take a look

Call Steve Coz in Huntington. His number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Let him know Charles Harris referred him to you.


I deleted the number after you got a chance to see it. If you still need it send me an e-mail at  


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