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Hey Eugene! Great Name!! I have 2 saxophones my family inherited from my wifes grandfather.The first is a Buescher Alto True Tone low pitch serial# 148233 which puts it in the 1924 era from what I could find out and is in good condition and worth repairing at the tune of $500. The second is a Wurlitzer Bari Sax serial number P7448 with an L below it. Also on the front were the numbers 1119954 with a B below it. I brought these into our local Music store which sells and repairs instruments to see if they were worth repairing and or selling. His first impression of the Bari was that it was manufactured by another company but upon further examination he wasnt sure if Wurlitzer had actually made these. He puts it older than 1925 and in good condition and worth repairing at the tune of $700 or so. My question to you is the same. What would they be worth and should we repair them and or sell them? I can take pics should you need them

Euuugeeeene - (that's how my sister says it - everyone else calls me Euge lol),

The Buescher is a nice old horn - if you are looking to sell the horn the best idea would be to search for a buyer first before putting any $ into it for repair.  A horn that old is appealing really only to a few people as a collectible (rather than a horn for practical use today). Hence, a collector may find that having the horn in its current condition more appealing.  Value 'as is' on the general market is low - maybe $300 to $400 (depending on current condition, yes pics might help me be more accurate) - value to a collector might be higher IF you can find the right buyer.

The bari sax is indeed a 'stencil' - your repair guy was right - made by probably Conn or Buescher and stamped with he Wurlitzer name (common practice back then). Bari saxes are rarer and generally bring more $.  If it is indeed "older than 1925" and in decent shape it could be a nice prize to a collector....again, if you can find one. I recommend saving the $ for repairs until you locate someone interested.  Value could be between $1,000 and maybe as much as $3,000 depending on vintage and condition.

Both horns by the way make great family curios - simply dust them off and display on a stand in a corner - Stands cost about $25 to $50 :)

Good luck!



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