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QUESTION: Is it possible to tell from the serial # if My Tenor was produced Silver Plate. It is a 1966, m1347xx.The whole Laq Re laq ??? debate would be mute,if I could say it was original Silver plate. Thanks John B   PS see horn at sax on the web on John B My Album Thanks Again !

ANSWER: John - I was not able to see your thread at sax on the web for some reason.

Unfortunately, there is no distinction in a Selmer VI serial number that determines the finish of a horn (though that's good thinking!). The following info should help you (or a buyer) determine whether it's original lacquer or not.

Look at the should "cut" through the colored lacquer.  If the engraving is shallow or rounded then you could have a re-laq horn. The etching on the bell should be deep and crisp and the silver finish should still be clear.

If you want to attach an image here that would be swell. If you do, make it a close up of the etching and perhaps another of the finish near any posts or tone holes - those areas are where it's easiest to spot a re-laq job.  FYI - re-laq horns sometimes get a bad rap but they can also be done well enough as to not be a negative. In some cases it can actually be a positive if the job is done correctly and the horn was in awful condition to begin with.

I hope this helps!


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Mark VI
Mark VI  

Mark VI
Mark VI  
QUESTION: In your answer, Lacquer is discussed, But isn't Silver plate different, My horn has no coatings, Its Bare Silver on Brass. Can't Faint engraving be due  to polishing or buffing? Is it true a Silver plated horn has never had lacquer on it. If done from the factory? Thank You Verry Much For Taking The time to Answer!!!!!!!

If you showed me this horn I would guess it had been refinished. If you can prove that it is indeed in its original condition (somehow) then you have a gem there.  Here is a silver plated horn for sale on e-bay - notice how the silver has worn thru to show some of the material underneath.  


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