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Saxophone/Yamaha YAS-62-follow up


Thanks for the advice.  We purchased the Yamaha YAS-62 today for 1200.00 The tech at the store said it was in great shape,he just replaced two pads.  Was wondering if the serial number provides information about when the instrument was manufactured.  The serial number on it is 036749.  The shop was selling the horn on consignment for someone who used to play but no longer wanted the instrument.


Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. The past few days have been extremely hectic.

The Yamaha serial numbers are a bit of a mystery. Yamaha has never published an official list of serial numbers and dates. I've known several people who claim they were able to contact Yamaha and were given an approximate date when the horn was produced and then I've spoken to others who tried and were told there was no such information available. I guess it all depends on who answers the phone. Also I don't know what number they dialed and who they may have spoken to. You may have to do a web search on your own to find this info. The only thing I can tell you is if the horn has the Yamaha logo printed in a purple ink than it was manufactured prior to the mid-late 1980's From about 1988 the logos were stamped on the bell and not printed.

Let me know what Steve Coz has to say about the horn. I hope it all works out and he is happy with it. I know for that price I would be.

Charles Harris  


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