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Rene Guenot
Rene Guenot  
QUESTION: Hello. I'm a newly retired public schools music educator. (40 years!)
I've owned a very nice Rene Guenot Soprano Sax for over 30 years, which I used primarily to introduce younger students  to the Sax family. It is in bright silver plate, (99% good) a "straight" model, has had a repad, and plays very well. Serial #3534. Being a trumpet player, I'm trying to liquidate my woodwind collection. Your advice? It's value? I'd rather have it go to a good home for a reasonable sum of money than put it on ebay. Many thanks. John


I appreciate you asking your question about the Rene Guenot Soprano Sax that you have.

If the condition is as nice as you have described it to be, then it is most likely a great saxophone. If it were a piece in my collection that I was going to part with, I would assign it a retail value of $500. You might very well achieve more from a collector of vintage French saxophones but most I suspect that you will likely be dealing with someone unfamiliar with Rene Guenot instruments as they are not that common. That being said, I love that fact that the finish is flawless and that may sway a serious buyer.

I have heard some owners of Rene Guenot Saxophones compare them to the tone of a mid-century Selmer saxophones which are of course extremely sought after. In this case, how well you market it will most likely decide how much you will receive for it.

I appreciate you sending me your question.

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QUESTION: Thanks so much for your informative answer. I hate to be a bother, but do you know any collectors who would appreciate a chance at the instrument before I put it on ebay? Many thanks. John


I appreciate you asking me about any known collectors that i might be able to share with you.

It is more likely that your saxophone will need to be posted and the collectors find you. there are several who scour eBay frequently and that is exactly where I would suggest you begin selling it.


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