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Saxophone/Neck Screw for LaMonte Saxophone


Hello Charles. I was trying to buy a neck screw for my Lamonte Saxophone. I was told that I needed was metric, and that it had very fine threading. My Music store said that they didn't have a screw to fit, so they'd try to do a "re-tap" so that they could use a different screw. It needs a long, thin screw, and all the ones that they had were fairly short. Am I making a mistake in doing this? Is there a way to find an authentic Neck Screw?

I look forward to your response!

Most Sincerely,
Dolly Slagle


Who ever told you, you need a metric screw has no idea what they are doing. A LaMonte neck screw is a #8-32. That means it's a number 8 screw with thread pitch of 32 threads per inch. That is not a metric measurement but imperial. I know this because I just happen to have a LaMonte tenor sax in my store and I measured the thread pitch of that screw right before I answered this question.

I can think of several reasons why they are trying to re-tap the threads. All modern saxophones are metric and most of the older American made horns used an 8-36 screw for this purpose. So finding one that fits may be a bit difficult. Seems LaMonte is a bit of an odd ball for this particular screw. However I just happen to have in my spare parts bin an 8-32 screw that should work perfectly for what you need. If you could send me your address via my personal E-mail, I'll drop it in the mail at no charge.

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Hope this helps.

Charles Harris  


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