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evette schaeffer
evette schaeffer  

evette schaeffer
evette schaeffer  
I am looking for a branded second hand sax and found one Evette Schaeffer here in Vietnam from a Vietnamese doing buy and sale business.
Its serial number 31883, with ES engrave plus like leaves or a crown design on the tube near outlet.colored gold on the body and with silver like on the keys.
What can you say about it? I am just going to learn or start learning saxophone.
Many thanks.


The Evette-Schaeffer products were manufactured by The Buffet Crampon company as their student line instruments. The Evette-Schaeffer products were discounted sometime in the 1990's. For a beginner the Evette-Schaeffers are fantastic and should give you many years of enjoyment as long as it's in good playing condition. I don't know if you have any repair technicians in your area. If you do have them check it to make sure all the pads are seating and there are no leaks. Small issues like this can add up and over time cause problems for a beginner as you think the problems are due to your inexperience when the reality is it's the saxophone that is not working correctly.

There is not much more I can really say about them except they are great student level horns. I've had many students that have played them and done quite well.

Charles Harris  


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