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I sent you a question on the 21st of January, of this year. You stated you needed some pictures. I have attached two pictures, which I hope will help in your determination. I anxiously await your reply.


Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you it's been a very busy week...

Thanks for the photos. The horn you have is without a doubt a very early King model. This was the first model King produced in their own factory and this is the earliest serial number I have seen of this model. I would really like you to send me some additional photos to my E-mail as I know someone who would like to document this horns existence.

Prior to this mode which was introduced around 1914-15, King had all their saxophones produced by different companies. This is a process called "Stenciling". A stencil sax would be made by one factory and have a different brand name stamped on it. If you review my previous messages I've written a ton on this topic. This model is simply known as "The King" saxophone and was the first saxophone model produced by King at their own factory.

Regarding the value of this instrument thats going to depend on the overall condition and the buyer. Based on the little I can see in the photos, this horn looks like a 100 year old instrument that has been stored for a very long time. I's likely silver plated and the silver has worn off in several places and tarnished in others. It's highly likely the horn will need an overhaul and complete restoration. However this might cost more than the horn is worth.

As you are in Florida, I know a few techs there that can take a look at this and give you a proper evaluation. If you can let me know exactly where you are, I should be able to send you to someone close by.

And please!!!... Send me a few more photos directly to my e-mail at

Charles Harris  


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