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Saxophone/Martin Busine 'Red Pegasus' tenor sax


I was wondering if you know anything about the Martin Busine "Red Pegasus" tenor is red in color.  Just bought it on ebay in a nice original case for $212.50  Was wondering if i got an ok deal.
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I looked up that horn on ebay and it is red. Wow!

Martin Busine was a company in Paris that bought horns from other manufactures and had their name "stenciled" on to them. Hence this is a practice called stenciling. If you do a web search for stencil saxophones you can find a huge number of sites on the topic. I've answered many questions on the process of stenciling. If you review some of my previous questions you can find lots of info on the topic.

Also Martin Busine has no relation to the Martin Band Instrument company here in the states nor or they related to the Martin Guitar Company. The only thing these 3 companies have in common is the name Martin.

Looking at the photos in the listing, I believe this horn was made in Italy or maybe Germany in the 1960's or early 70's. Horns from this region are really hard to pin down as to the exact manufacture as records often don't exist and there are so many variations. I've seen a few of the Martin Busine clarinets and flutes come across my bench but no saxophones yet. My overall impression is that the instruments are of a good quality for student and intermediate players.

Did you get a good deal? That depends on what you plan to do with it. If you plan on using this and playing it for a few years, then it might be worth it to put a few more bucks in it and get it up to par. However if you plan on flipping it, I doubt you're going to get much more than what you already have in it.

I hope this helps.

Charles Harris.  


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