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Saxophone/Meyer Mouthpiece Discoloration


So recently I bought my first metal mouthpiece, a Meyer 9J. I like the mouthpiece but I've noticed that there is a discoloration near the tip of the mouthpiece and in the baffle of it. I've cleaned it with warm water after every time I play it. Is this normal and is there any way that I could clean it?


Thank you for asking your question about the Meyer mouthpiece that you have.

Mouthpiece discoloration is normal on metal mouthpieces. I have played on a Meyer as well and used cold water and toothpaste to keep my clean. It still seems to find a way to show dark spots but I continue anyway. The worst metal mouthpiece that I have found to discolor is the Bobby Dukoff which is made of a softer metal.

Even gold plated metal mouthpiece like the Otto Link will have discoloration at some point.

My best advise would be to not use hot water and possibly use a gel toothpaste to help clean yours.

I hope this helps to answer your question.


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