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Is there a stand that is used to play a large sax, so that a player can sustain it while playing?  I am having a problem sustaining my tenor sax.  If I let it hang with the strap, I feel like I'm not using the mouth piece properly.  If I use the thumb rest, it is very painful on my thumb.  My hands are arthritic.  I wondered if there is a stand that I could use to play my tenor sax.  If I could set it on something or have something hold it, I think I'd play it easier.  Thanks, Joel


Thanks for this question and I really wish there was an easy answer. There have been some attempts to make a stand that can hold a sax while playing it. However most are designed for the baritone or bass saxophones. To my knowledge there is no one currently making a stand for tenor or alto that will allow you to play it without a strap.

However I don't think you need one. Based on the way you worded your question, I'm thinking you have your neck strap adjusted to long. The strap should support the full weight of the horn and the mouthpiece should fall to your mouth naturally. If you are having to support the weight with your thumb or your trying to hold on with your mouth than your strap is too long. Adjust the strap so the mouthpiece falls right to your mouth. Your thumbs should act as two counter levers keeping the horn locked in position in front of you not supporting its weight.

Something you should also consider is maybe switch from a strap to a harness. So instead of supporting the weight of the horn with your neck you can support it with your back. There are several companies making these now and you should be able to find them with an internet search.

I hope this helps.

Charles Harris  


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