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I am interested in purchasing a Soprano Saxophone to play for my own pleasure and after considering my following comments, would very much appreciate your guidance on 2 or 3 instruments to consider for purchase.  Although it's on my "bucket list" to get paid to play music, that is not my current focus. I am a young retiree with a lot of time on my hands to practice. I began playing clarinet at age 7, and then switched to alto saxophone as my primary instrument at age 13. Somewhere in there I also played some soprano clarinet and baritone saxophone. Between 13 and 19 (Jr. High through 1st yr college), 95% of my playing time was on Alto sax. My 1st yr of college I was a music major (woodwinds) and my advisor/professor forced me to play more clarinet than I wanted. Realizing I would starve as a musician Band teacher, I changed majors and stopped regularly playing any instruments. From age 20 - 49 I would pull out my alto and play it maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Since retirement I want to play more music and build a collection of instruments - that includes each of the most common saxophones.  I currently have: my original Yamaha YAS-61 Alto which has been fully restored (after having been destroyed in hurricane Katrina), A Jean Cartier Tenor I picked up on, and a student line Selmer Bb Clarinet on eBay. After purchasing a Soprano Sax, I will begin saving and searching for a baritone Saxophone to add to my collection.


Thank you for asking your question about giving you some guidance in your search for a soprano saxophone.

I am a Selmer fan and would be very remiss if I did not begin by pointing you in that direction first. The Selmer Paris Series II Model 51 Jubilee Edition is a fine instrument. It is a professional saxophone which responds and plays exactly like it should. It sells new for around $5000.

The Selmer SS600 Soprano Saxophone is more of a student level instrument and is price as such. The responsiveness and tone is good at best. But again the price will reflect that. It sells new for around $2000.

I have owned half a dozen or so soprano saxophones through the years. I currently play a Cool Reed Pipes Soprano by SMI. It is a saxophone that is not only responsive but has an excellent tone! I do know of a used one available if you are interested. It sold new for around $1500.

I would love to help you when looking for a Bari Sax when you begin your search later on.

I appreciate you asking your question and allowing me to advise. I wish you well on your search and hope to hear back from you if you should need more advise or want to share what you have found.


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I am interested in networking with other saxophone players of all levels of experience and answering questions about varied techniques and methods of training, specific brands and models made, mouthpieces, reeds, and various other questions about performance.


I have been playing sax since 1977 where as a student of the clarinet I wanted to play the instrument of my Jazz heroes. I studied under Berklee College of Music renowned Jazz theorist Andrew Jaffe and I have a degree in Music Business from Berklee. I have traveled and performed in several countries mostly in Europe and North America. As an instructor, I have taught students from beginning through college/professional performance ability. I previously owned The Horn Doctor, a band instrument repair shop. Since 1998, I have been playing alto and tenor sax with the Dexter Thomas Band which is an 11-piece horn-band playing hits from the 60's, 70's and 80's. I play saxophone in the worship and praise band at my local church as well.

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