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Saxophone/try to find out when and where my Vito was made


In 1972 as got a Leblanc VITO alto sax (7th grade band), the original warranty cards show serial # 7131 and serial # 15456B, G Leblanc Corp Vito Instrument Division Kenosha Wisc.,  Under the sr# on the sax itself there is no "Japan", just the #, as well as the clear VITO on the side of the horn...if needed I can send pics... It is in good condition, having set in my closet for the better part of 45 years, the cork on the neck needs to be replaced...I may decide to sell this sometime soon...Please let me know what you think.


Vito saxophones can be hard to pin down the exactly when they were made and who made them. To clear this up, I'm going to give you a little history of the brand. Shortly After World War 2 Leon Leblanc and Vito Pascucci started the Leblanc company to manufacture musical instruments. They had 3 name plates that were used for various levels of instruments. Leblanc represented the top of the line professional instruments. Noblet was the intermediate line and Vito was the student line and named after the companies founder Vito Pascussi.

The first Vito saxophones were manufactured by Beaugnier in France and these are considered some of the best and are really pro horns in disguise. Later the Beaugnier was manufacturing just the individual parts and then shipped to the plant in Kenosha, WI and then assembled. Eventually Vito had saxophones manufactured by Yanagisawa and Yamaha and then by KHS (Jupiter) in Taiwan. Yamaha even had a plant here in the U.S. where they made some of the Vito Saxophones. I believe some of these factories were working at the same time producing variations of the Vito saxes. The reason was these were student horns and they needed to meet quota. Every year thousands of children start school and need instruments so meeting that demand was key. As this would likely be the first saxophone the child used the exact specs were not that important and if there were some horns that were a bit different as long as it functioned it shipped. There are many variations of Vitos and every now and then someone will bring me a Vito that I've never seen before.

I believe you may have a Yamaha made instrument but it would be an early one based on the Yamaha YTS-21. I would really need to see some photos to know for sure. If you could please send them to my email at


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