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Saxophone/Ligature for Goldbeck Alto Sax Mouthpiece


I have a Martin Alto Saxophone. Based on the serial number, it looks to have been made in 1924. The mouthpiece is from Goldbeck and Co. I am trying to find a screw-down ligature for the mouthpiece, but am having no success.

I have tried other ligatures,including clarinet ligatures, but none have worked. Most are too big. If I am not able to locate a screw-down ligature, I would like an alternative which would work.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


If I remember correctly Goldbeck was very similar to the modern Otto Link mouthpieces and have a ridge that runs down the top which makes standard ligatures not only to large but very difficult to fit. I believe these came with a ligature that was custom made for them and it has likely been lost. If you can find an Otto Link ligature it might work or get a Rovner. Rovner ligatures are made from a vinyl material with one screw single screw on the top. Rovner makes a variety of sizes to fit most mouthpieces, and I believe something like a M3L or an L13 should work for that mouthpiece. If you have a music store in your area that carries a variety of Rovner ligatures than you should be able to try a few out and see which fits the best.

Here is a link to their web site.

However you don't have to use the mouthpiece that came with it. I would recommend you find any old style short shank mouthpiece or an old Martin mouthpiece to use with that horn. Modern mouthpieces may have to long of a shank and maybe difficult to get into tune.

I hope this helps.   

Charles Harris  


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