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Saxophone/Selmer Tenor Sax 82*** value


QUESTION: I have a Selmer USA Tenor Sax that has Paris features. It has a serial number of 822944. It also has on it US N right below the USA marking meaning it was a Navy horn.

Don't know what model it is or what it could be worth. Any info is quite helpful!

ANSWER: Virginia,'s tough to pin this down without a picture but I am going to go out on a limb and guess it could be a late model Omega perhaps a Model 164 - these are decent horns whose reputations are clouded by the shadow of the great Mark VI and by the distinction of coming after the hugely unpopular Mark VII.

I'm not sure that's helpful info but it's a decently educated guess!  :) cheers from Dallas - let me know what you learn.


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QUESTION: Here are two pics. Hope this helps. I have more but the forum only allows two.

ANSWER: Virginia,

OK I'm sticking with my gut instinct! Looks like a USA Omega...late model (because it doesn't have extensive engraving). I hope I'm right!  Thank you for sending the pics. :)


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QUESTION: Any idea as to the value of the horn? I know it's an estimate due to not putting your hands on it. I used to play it all of the time, but it's been sitting in the case for about 8 years now and I'm toying with selling it. Just wondering about a range of value. I think it was bought for me between $1100-1300
Here are two more pics.


I think it would probably bring between $800 and maybe $1,000 if you can sell it locally (like at a nearby music store or sax shop if you can find one).  At a site like e-bay it might get lost in the shuffle and horns of this ilk are often put up for 'quick sale' and usually sell on the cheap - ebay is definitely tilted toward buyers looking for deals these days. Your horn has a bit of "love" pitting on the lacquer but if it's a "player" a local shop may be able to find someone looking to step up from their beginner or intermediate horn, or someone moving to tenor from alto.

I hope this helps!

Cheers from Dallas.



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