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Saxophone/Selmer Tenor sax Model 828222


I bought a Selmer USA Tenor saxophone about 10 years ago and only played it a few times due to a hand problem.  I would like to sell it and need to know what it is worth.
It is in the case and in mint condition.


You didn't really give me enough information to give you a quote. I believe the number you gave me is a serial number. If you bought the horn in 2005, it may be an Omega that in 2005 would have been considered new old stock as they were already discontinued at that time. Or it may have something like TS-100, TS-300, etc on the bell below the Selmer logo. If you could send me some detailed photos of the logo and any information on the horn that would be great. You can e-mail me directly at

Charles Harris  


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