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QUESTION: I have a sopranino sax.  Do you know what it's range is?  It is pitched above a soprano and higher notes (like A and B2, even C3) are hard to play.  (They very high).  Does the horn's rsnge go that far?  Thanks, Joel


The sopranino is a 5th above the soprano and a full octave above the alto. The playable range is the same as all other saxophones, however the upper register is very difficult to play due to the small mouthpiece requires the players embouchure to be very firm and in control. Getting the upper register to sound will take time and a bit of practice. In time you will have it.

Charles Harris

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QUESTION: Thanks for your advice.  I hadn't thought that the smaller mouthpiece would be so challenging.  Does the sopranino have different strengths of reeds?  Now, I see why the manufacturer says that the upper registers of the soprillo (sopranissimo) are so difficult.
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Yes Soprinino reeds do come in various strengths. However not all manufactures make them in all sizes. I believe Vandoren makes them in full strengths only (i.e. 2, 3, 4) but no half sizes. So if you want a size 2.5 your going to have to go to a 3 and sand it down a bit.

Charles Harris  


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