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My grandson was given an old saxophone in good condition.  The case says Lyon and Healy Carturier.  The serial number is 14423.  Can you tell us anything about it?


Thanks for the question. Sorry it took me a bit more time than usual to respond... Back to school time is a very busy time of the year for me.

Lyon and Healy was a stencil brand that was produced by both Martin and Buescher. A stencil brand means that the company whose name is on the instrument didn't have the means to manufacture them. Thus they used another factory to make the instruments and then the company name was "stenciled" on to it. Today 95% off all student line musical instruments are manufactured in this way. Without seeing photos of the actual saxophone you have I cant tell you who made it. The serial number is useless when trying to date these as they don't follow any published list and do not relate to the manufactures serial number list in any way.

I can tell you if it's a Martin the tone holes will be fluted (slightly concave) where they come into contact with the pads.

If you could send me some photos via e-mail I should be able to tell you a bit more about it... I will need detailed (close up) photos of the tone holes, pads, key clusters especially the left hand pinky cluster. This will be a cluster of  4 keys that control the low notes on the bell located about half way down the body tube. When held in playing position it's on the players left side. Also photos of the neck and other keys cluster areas are a big help.

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Thanks again
Charles Harris.  


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