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Hello, I have owned this sax for almost 8 years, and simply just want to sell it now. Maybe someone with passion would love to play this beautiful instrument, but I just don't have the time to do so. It is a Selmer Omega, and the only things I know about it is the price I bought it as, and the serial number. I have tried looking it up on google, but fail to find anything containing information about this saxophone. The serial number is 'AK32807013', and when I bought it 8 years ago, it cost me $1,200. Since it has been discontinued, could the value of the saxophone gone up? I will attach pictures of the saxophone, and would just love to know the value, and the history of it as soon as possible. Thank you.

Jacob   - unfortunately the price has not gone up. If it's in good playing condition with minimal usual wear and tear, it would probably bring about $500 on the  resale market.  It's a very good starter horn or maybe a step up horn for someone entering high school. Sorry to be the bearer of so-so news.  Though it has the Selmer name and had generally good reviews when the entered the USA market, they never held their value or matched the level of some of the horns that came soon afterward.

Best - ec


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