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Saxophone player (France) for a long time in my little town band, i would to ask a question.
30 years ago, one gave me an old alto saxophone .
Adolphe Sax (after 1900). its written : "1er grand prix de la facture instrumentale / médaille d'or 1900" . it is in good working order. i don't play it (not in right tone) . i think it has some good princing .
But I don't know if it is the moment to sell and at what price.

thanks a lot for your help . regards. Laurent G.

Laurent - that is a VERY nice old horn that is indeed valuable and will be highly sought after by collectors. This line of horns actually dates to the very late 1920's and 1930's - (yours was probably made in the very early 30's).

All that being said, the value is tricky in today's market.  First, you'll get the most for the horn if you can find a collector who is seeking this "niche" and perhaps more importantly... the finish on the horn needs to be tested to see if it is the original.  It should also be determined of the finish is silver plate rather than the more common silver lacquer.  If silver plated, that too would add value.  

Let's assume the horn is in good playing condition and the lacquer is standard.  IN this case the horn could bring between $1,000 and perhaps maybe $1,500 on today's market.  If the finish is silver plating, you might add $500 to $800 more.  

Again, the tricky part is in finding a collector to understand and appreciate the value of this horn.  #371 is one of the lowest numbers I've seen in this model! It is a tough market however - IMHO it might be best to hold on to this horn until you find the right buyer.

Best of luck to you.  


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