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QUESTION: Hello, i have a had a few "paranormal Experiences" in my life all of which dealt with telepathy. This is truly not a lie or a prank and i 100% sure that they actually happened, they were not a dream or i did not misinterpret them(as i will explain). Also, these experiences happen involuntarily and only happens with two people in my life not anyone i meet as far i know. Anyways, i will only tell you of one of the experiences since the others are more or less the same. So one day i was in the car with 2 of my cousins and my mom, me and one of the cousins were talking then i answered a question that he asked me and after i answered it he said that never asked it but he though about it and my mom and my other cousin also confirmed that he did not ask this question, although to me i actually heard the question therefore clearly if my cousin thought of the question and my mother and other cousin did not, then i must have somehow "telepathically" heard the question. How could it be possible that this happened?(again i guarantee this not a dream). Could it be possible that since the brain generate waves that our brain "decipher" the waves of other brains that are on similar "frequencies"?


Your experience is interesting and since you start by stating that you believe this is evidence for telepathy I can't really add much.

Telepathy is not proven scientifically and "tests" of telepathy under controlled conditions return spurious and unconvincing evidence...

HOWEVER an individuals experience of seeming to 'know' what other people are thinking is well reported. Before moving on to consider the possibilities of brain-waves and shared frequencies we really need to understand what the brain does normally.

Firstly I have no doubt that you 'heard' what you heard and that you were not asleep or dreaming. The reality of what we see, hear, feel, taste or smell is all to do with how our minds create sensations from what we perceive externally as well as internally. The mind can create sounds, feelings, pictures from internal processes which are every bit as 'real' as those we sense from the outside world.

Before deciding if we require any 'special' mechanisms for experiences like the ones you describe, I think we need to look at how our senses and perceptions work in the first place. For example we all hear in three stages:

We hear the start of each and every word
We guess what someone is saying before they have finished saying it
We check that what we guessed was right

This means that our minds are working on all kinds of sensations without our being consciously aware of it.

In a similar way we respond to people because of what our unconscious mind chooses to let our conscious mind know.

So without needing to think about the ability of one set of brain waves working at the 'same frequency' as somebody elses our wonderful mind IS making all kinds of unconscious guesses, observations, connections between ourselves and others all of the time. When some of these ideas 'pop' into our heads (our consciousness) it can seem magical or even inexplicable. Of course people will remember those times when things seemed odd or weird (or connected to a belief) more than the times there was no such 'special' connection because the 'special times' have value. This is called confirmation bias.

Now I not saying telepathy does not exist - I'm simply suggesting that we need to consider all known possibilities before creating mechanisms for odd things to happen when those odd things may well be part of what we all do when we pay attention to how we think and fee.

Brainwave patterns seem to be related to personal internal states of awareness or function. They can be measured by sensitive apparatus. I'm not (yet) convinced that these waves 'radiate out' from one individual in a way which can be 'read' by another. It'd be great to prove this and I am open to the possibility BUT also feel that at the moment what we call 'telepathy' is really a high degree of sensitivity towards others. Rather than extra sensory perception I prefer to think in terms of total sensory perception.

Not sure of this helps, but I hope it's offered some food for thought.


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QUESTION: Thank you for the very insightful answer and what you said makes a lot of sense of to me, but i have one more question regarding my specific experience. You said that what we call 'telepathy' is a high degree of sensitivity towards others, and this would certainly make sense to me because my cousin, the person whom i heard his thought, is very close to me so this would mean that my unconscious mind would know him more and hence be more likely to guess what he is going to say. But, when i said i heard him ask me the question i literally meant heard his voice as if he spoke out loud when indeed he did not. So, could it be possible that my unconscious brain would mimic his voice?

Hi, thanks for your feedback.

In short answer to your question - yes!

When people's brains have been stimulated in certain areas under experimental conditions, they have reported not only seeing and feeling things (which have included the sense that they are outside of their body), but of hearing voices of other people - frequently people they know.

Of course your experience may be something else. but I accept the possibility that being 'in tune' with another person and aware of their needs and current emotional state, could create an internal experience of actually hearing their voice when I am merely thinking about how or what they are thinking....

Our brains are amazing and, I sense like you, feel that if we could find ways of using them effectively some of the things we call paranormal would be very normal!

Kindest regards



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