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Sceptics/Skepticism/aliens and christian fundamentalists


Jude Simons wrote at 2014-05-25 04:34:58
A few critiques from the above answers, coming from a protestant Christian.

First of all, Christians don't believe anything contrary to our views is evil.We believe that there is evil in the world, and that evil will tell us lies to scare us into deeper evil. As a Christian I also believed that the Bible is divinely inspired, meaning that the text written by humans was inspired by God. Because of this Christians will end to be cautious of anything that isn't found Scripture and doesn't hold substantial evidence now.

What this doesn't mean is that anything thats not 'sound theology' is evil. Discovering new things about our world doesn't cripple our theology enough to force us to always blame demons. When the discovery of ancient fossils that led to our understanding of Prehistoric Dinosaurs came about, the lack of any specific description of a T-Rex didn't lead to any theological doubt, and nobody sane believes that dinosaurs were just demons.

Also, if scripture is going to be referenced, it should be done in context. First of considering the "beings in shining raiment" who are not a new character in the New OR Old Testament. Many times they come to Earth as God's servants and we know them as angels.

As for the Ancient Astronauts, I have one question to keep you busy for a while. If another mortal being made us, then who made them? In Genesis, Christians believe Elohim is talked about in a plural tense because of the Trinity (God being of three parts that are all completely  God) So when God says "Let us make man in our image" He is talking to the other parts of Himself.

Anyways I just wanted you to be clear on some major beliefs of Christians when you answer peoples questions.


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